Sir Robin of Locksley Real Raspberry & Cardamom Gin 70cl


Real Raspberry & Cardamom Infused Sir Robin of Locksley Gin This is our answer to all the insipid pink “gins” that are out there at the the moment, most of which are really badly produced, many with artificial flavourings & colourants. It’s our flagship Sir Robin, infused with around 30 raspberries per bottle, giving it a wonderful depth of flavour & colour. But then we have added a separate distillation of cardamom to give it more dimension & complexity. It’s a full strength infused gin, but it gets some sweetness from the fruit. Because we use real fruit with only a light filtration, there are some fine fruit particles that make it through into the bottle. This one is fab with regular tonic water, but as we always suggest, play around to find your own perfect pour – in moderation of course!

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Locksley Real Raspberry & Cardamom Gin 40.5% ABV 70cl

Tasting Note Fresh red fruit, leafy herbs, nutmeg and coriander heat.