Sheffield Distillery Assay Liquorice Gin


Assay Liquorice Gin, 15 Botanicals, including sweet orange peel, lemon peel, liquorice and juniper. It has a more distinct Liquorice taste than the Assay London Dry Gin

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Assay Liquorice Gin 45% ABV 70cl

Nose – Mainly citrus initially backed up by a strong spice character, led by liquorice root and cinnamon. Juniper is there but is restrained. Touch of spearmint?

Palate – Classic Assay texture. Soft alcohol for its strength. Lemon and Juniper hit the senses straight away. Complex spice character grows and takes over from the citrus.

Finish – Very dry and very long. Spices grow as the citrus and juniper dissipate. Sweet but drying Liquorice Root gradually grows in intensity.