Brew York

Brew York was born out of two friends passion (some would say obsession) for beer and brewing. Creating Brew York was the realisation of a long lived dream to build a brewery in the centre of York where the experience and location is as enjoyable as the beer itself. Pull up a chair. Take a

Wayne’s Top 3 Whiskies under £50

After spending the last 10yrs swirling, staring, sniffing and sipping whisky here are my current top 3 whiskies under £50  1. Ledaig 10 The Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull isn’t home to just unpeated whisky. It also makes superbly smoky single malt under the name of Ledaig(the distillerys old name). Distilled using the

3 Traits of Wine that Age Well

We have often heard people appreciating drinking an aged wine as vintage bottles are preferred over newer ones. Worldwide, old wines are sold for extraordinary prices. There is an element of fascination associated with it. It is also true that an aged wine has interesting flavors and textures that can’t be experienced with a young wine. A

Cigar Smoking Tips

When to Stop Smoking your Cigar Learning how to cut your cigar is hard enough, but now you have to learn the rules behind how far down you should smoke. For beginners, learning about cigar etiquette can be a challenge since not everyone shares the same opinion concerning how to smoke a cigar. Some people